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during COVID-19 lock-in - a complete Happy Hour show on video that folks can sing along with and have some fun

Birthday Parties

Every month of the year has something special that relates to birthdays! Each month has a birth stone, a birth flower and two astrological signs. And there are favorite songs to go along with each of them!

Add the popular songs of the season, plus songs made famous by singers who also have birthdays that month and there's a party going on. 




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       Thematic Shows

                   Have fun and make it interesting!


I like to stay and chat with the audience after I perform. Quite often, people tell me, “I haven’t heard those songs in years!”

We always sing the favorites that everybody loves to sing along with, and I also bring music that was popular “back in the day.”

I like to play songs that were Number One Hits in years gone by and ask, “Where were you when you listened to this song when it was on the radio in 1943?” Or, “Did anyone happen see Frank Sinatra sing this in the movie Pal Joey?”  

Another way to include these classics is to celebrate the great artists who have a birthday anniversary in the same month as my show.

These are two of the little ways I like to jog memories, keep things interesting and maintain the audience’s engagement.  

Special Themes 

(In costume with prerecorded 5-piece band) 

Spring/Summer  -  Beach Party! 

Summer                -  80's Music - Big Hair and                                                                             the Moonwalk!

Fall/Winter            -  Back to The 50's (with Elvis)

A Very Merry British Christmas


A musical event celebrating the music, food and holiday traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Nigel tells stories about British holiday traditions like Boxing Day, plum pudding, Christmas crackers, Hogmanay and mince pies while he plays the songs and carols of his native England. 

Watch this Christmas video to see how everyone in the audience gets to join in on pulling a Christmas Cracker!




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